Original Waldviertel Potato Side Dishes

We also offer our peeled potatoes in convenient 300g packages for the retail trade. The individual packaging options can be adapted to the needs of the buyer, while the content is still the same – high-quality cooked peeled potatoes from the Waldviertel. On request, we also offer potato side dishes with seasoning, such as rosemary, parsley, and other herbs, and with bacon and onions, or any other ideas you may have.

Original Waldviertel potato side dishes save consumers the hassle of peeling and cooking at home, enabling them to enjoy the full flavour straight away and always fresh.

Our practical SOFTBAG makes preparation especially easy. The SOFTBAG is heat-resistant and microwavable. This means that the cooked potato side dishes can be heated in the vacuum bag itself, thus preserving many important nutrients.

The packaging can then be opened easily by hand, and the original Waldviertel potato side dishes can be served QUICKLY and FRESH.


We would like to invite purchases from retail chains to try out our products.
We create the right potato product especially for you