Potato Processing

AgroFresh produces 15,000 tonnes of potatoes a year.
However, because it’s not just the quantity that matters, but also the quality and service, close customer relations are of the utmost importance to us.

Thanks to our modern machinery, we are able to fulfil many of our customers’ packaging wishes.
We create individual designs and packages for each bulk buyer.


Potato Peeling Machine

Our modern potato peeling machine has been in operation since 2010 and peels around 30 tonnes of potatoes a day.


Our peeled potatoes are first peeled with knives, then cleaned by hand, and finally steamed at a low temperature. The taste, appearance, and price-quality ratio guarantee complete satisfaction and the advantages of the best raw and pre-cooked convenience potatoes.

Trained personnel guarantee the necessary safety and hand-picked quality. Each package is also checked for foreign bodies using a metal detector.