Raw and Cooked Peeled Potatoes

We are proud of our especially gentle production process for peeled and cooked potatoes.

The pre-sorted potatoes are washed, handpicked, and then peeled twice. In the first peeling process, which is known as “carboround peeling”, the majority of the skin is removed. Afterwards, the potatoes are peeled a second time with knives, and only then they are cleaned by hand. Potatoes that have been peeled with knives in this way have a smooth surface and an outstanding appearance.

Our customers are meal manufacturers, bulk consumers, and the catering industry. Our service gives them a considerable advantage: high-quality peeled potatoes produced in a professional way, with the perfect taste and appearance, and calculable costs.

Our range includes raw peeled potatoes with a shorter shelf-life, as well as ready-cooked potatoes with a shelf-life of up to 60 days.

If desired, we can offer our range throughout the year under the same conditions.
In particular, the quality and safety do not change; each individual package is checked for foreign bodies using metal detection.