Quality Thanks to Modern Production Techniques

We have created a completely new potato processing line especially to supply ready meal manufacturers, large-scale kitchens, and the catering trade.

Our modern potato peeling machine has been in operation since 2010 and peels around 30 tonnes of potatoes a day.

It’s not just about the quantity – it is especially important to preserve the exceptional colour and flavour of the potatoes. To do this, we have implemented a special, gentle peeling process.

The potatoes are washed, handpicked, and then peeled twice. In the first peeling process, which is known as “carboround peeling”, the majority of the skin is removed. Afterwards, the potatoes are peeled a second time with knives, and only then are they cleaned by hand. Potatoes that have been peeled with knives in this way have a smooth surface and an outstanding appearance.

The peeled potatoes are then packaged and cooked at temperatures under 100°C to preserve their goodness. Peeled potatoes steamed in this way are hardly any different to produce you have cooked yourself. Many important nutrients are also thus preserved. Pre-cooked peeled potatoes can then be kept refrigerated for up to two months.

We also package raw peeled potatoes, which mostly reach wholesalers directly along short transport routes. Thanks to our modern packaging options, we have achieved a long shelf-life for our products. This means that our customers can enjoy the advantages of pre-packaged potatoes and still use their usual preparations methods.

The taste, appearance, and price-quality ratio guarantee complete satisfaction, and the advantages of the best raw and pre-cooked convenience potatoes.

Trained personnel guarantee the necessary safety and hand-picked quality. Each package is also checked for foreign bodies using a metal detector.

We offer our range to wholesale caterers and ready meal manufacturers.
We supply our customers with the same quality throughout the year, when possible at fixed prices.

Please ask about our current conditions and minimum quantities for your place of delivery.