Quality and Safety

The good thing about food scandals is they draw attention to mistakes and lead to the safety of food constantly being improved. Stricter requirements and more efficient checks help ensure that customers and consumers are that bit safer each time.

AgroFresh always fulfils all currently applicable hygiene, safety, and quality regulations. We are IFS certified right from the beginning, so our customers can also feel assured. (www.ifs-certification.com)


The IFS (International Food Standard) was introduced by the European retail trade and reviews how product quality, product safety, and product legality are ensured, through an independent audit board.


AUSTRIA BIO GARANTIE, which recertifies us annually on the basis of constant checks, ensures compliance with the EU Organic Food Regulation. (www.abg.at

Our Austrian potatoes and onions also bear the AMA quality label. (www.ama.at)


However, it’s not just externally, but also internally that we have set out a test schedule, which regularly reviews suppliers, employees, products, work processes, and even the management.

Should you nonetheless have a cause for complaint, we are happy to help. Please contact us so that we can continue to improve ourselves.